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Please Join Us For Our Annual Feuerzangenbowle!

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I can't wait for our party next month! Check on Peter's blog for more information.


A Feuerzangenbowle (pronounced "Foy-err-song-en-bowl-eh," German for "tongs of fire punch") is a traditional fruity and mulled wine finished with flaming rum.  We soak a Zuckerhut (sugar cone) in Barcardi 151, and then set it ablaze so that the flaming and boozy sugary goodness drips into the heady and seasonal bitches brew.  The lighting of the punch serves as a particularly festive kickoff to a cozy little holiday gathering.  It's liquid Gemuetlichkeit (cozy kitsch).

Please come join us for a warming dose or two of "Christmas in a cup."  We will have lots of yummy nibbles,huge slabs of Gravlax, meatballs and treats, but we also encourage you to bring appetizers or desserts if you have the time and energy.  Additional beer and wine would also be appreciated.

Parents with kids are encouraged to arrive on the early end of things for a quick playground outing at Cragmont Elementary. We'll also have a kid wrangler hanging out in Uli's room for most of the night, so you can hang out with the adults and still bring your little dumplings.

We'll light the first batch at 6:00 sharp, and will roll until the Bowle is empty.  This is a really fun one, don't miss it!!!

Leave a comment if you have any questions and we'll do our best to answer!



Wow! This Made My Morning!

Fri, 11/04/2011 - 8:27AM by hestadalen 0 Comments -

Favorite interview? Yay!


Things That Make My Heart Go Pitter Pat

Thu, 11/03/2011 - 3:10PM by hestadalen 0 Comments -

Design heroine. Former Domino e-in-chief. Awesome lady.

She liked my questions!

Yes, it's the little things.

You can read my interview with Deborah Needleman here.


Peter der Abenteurer Launches!

Thu, 11/03/2011 - 2:52PM by hestadalen 0 Comments -

You can find it here. It's your go-to source for daddy-son dork outs, Grand Canyon geek outs, and news on local and Scandinavian metal bands. You know, your one-stop shop for AWESOME.
If you're really lucky he'll also include photos of his various backpacking injuries. Like the knee that was ripped down to the bone nearly on his WA summer trip. Gross.


Hellz Yeah I'm a Flower. (Post Written by Uli, if He Could Fully Express the Awesomeness of his Mama-Made Costume and Ando Love)

Sun, 10/30/2011 - 11:14PM by hestadalen 0 Comments -

Only tough boys can pull off a girl's cami and a floral Halloween costume.

Hair fully ratted out. Sweet times. But by the time I got to the Halloween party it had already calmed and re-curled itself. Dang. Hard to be a dandelion puff ball when your hair won't cooperate. But I soldier on. Because I am a dang dandelion flower and I am awesome.

I tried to do some dancing, but my heart wasn't really in it. I was lonely.


Luckily my super bud Ando — have I mentioned we've known each other since we were in utero, yeah, that's why he is my SUPER BUD — arrived. After his mom April attempted to get him to wear his cat tail (it lasted for an even shorter amount of time than my dandelion leaf armbands, impressively; dude knows how to say NO to moms and their extraneous costume accessorization, gotta take a note from that kid), we were off.

Time to get your balloon on, my friends!

Hey Pops, it could be worse, it could be a toy truck.

Hellz yeah I'm a flower! Woot woot! I DESERVE some applause.

TIme to refuel. Sure we can share, Ando. Because you're my bud. And buds share and share alike. I even kind of like it when you hug me all the time. Not that I'm going to say that out loud ever again. But I do like it.

Time to switch it up. Hula hoop time my peoples!


After being forced into sitting with our boring parents who drank boring happy hour cocktails, Ando and I finished off the night with some attempts at running into the street (darn those parents and their herding instincts!) and some good old fashioned stone planter sitting sessions. Good times.


Pumpkin Prepwork

Sat, 10/29/2011 - 9:44PM by hestadalen 0 Comments -

Sometimes I forget about all of the firsts Uli gets to experience every day. This morning was his first totally engrossing and satisfying (and self-initiated) dead leaf crunching walk. It made me feel all mama-emotional to see him enjoy himself and this new experience so much. But we were pretty aware this evening that this was his first Jack-o'Lantern carving of his life.

He really liked pulling out the pumpkin guts. Then he replaced our pumpkin guts with Peter's pumpkin guts. That Uli, always so helpful!

Uli and I made a more abstract pumpkin with circular cut outs using a citrus juicer. It worked surprisingly well, though it's a little hard on your hands.

Peter stuck with his standard grinning maniac design. Appropriately.


October Updates

Fri, 10/28/2011 - 10:43AM by hestadalen 0 Comments -

Sorry it's been so long, friends! Here are some highlights and, for the grandparents, a number of Uli photos.


Uli was a perfect festival baby at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and totally boogied to Fitz and the Tantrums.


Uli and Peter visited Sugar HQ when P had Columbus Day off. Uli stole Lizzie's Clifford dog and threw it around the office, squawking all the while.

I made Peter's rock and roll diaper bag, finally. Uli has a matching shoulder bag that I whipped up afterwards. Only 22 months late. That's not bad, right?


It was so balmy this month we took Uli up for evening Lake Anza swims several times. The boy is disturbingly fearless, walking up to his neck in the water without batting an eye. He worries me that guy . . .

Sadly, Uli outgrew his pink-and-neon-yellow tie-dyed short-alls. This didn't make his dad sad, though.

I'll try to be more dilgent about updating next month, Grandma Polly and other far-flung relatives eager for Uli photos! xoxo


Equal Opportunity Dancer

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<iframe frameborder="0" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/HUbEAC01nQg" height="360" width="480"></iframe>


<iframe frameborder="0" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/s3aL0MMmECA" height="360" width="480"></iframe>


Hi. It's Been a While.

Wed, 08/31/2011 - 10:54PM by hestadalen 0 Comments -

I blame this guy.

And this guy.

Also, extensive traveling.

I'm really good at excuses.


Here's a little catch up.

Peter went backpacking in Yosemite. Uli and I went to Wisconsin. Peter went backpacking in Washington and came close to letting a stupid thing he did nearly snuff him out (not that he'd ever admit that). We wen to the Yuba River for Peter's birthday and a bear ate our cooler and Peter got charged a potential $1,000 fine because his name was on our group camping permit (happy birthday!). We went pretend camping in Nevada City again in a tipi (no bears, no fines, just fun). Uli learned lots of new words, including "thank you," "poop," and sentences such as "I want the Mama," (translation, I want my bunny rabbit," and "I like it" (mostly referencing food). We have too much zucchini in the garden and I'm not biking enough.

Consider yourself caught up.


The Fourth

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 9:42PM by hestadalen 0 Comments -

We spent the Fourth of July in Idaho with Peter's side of the family. It was pretty awesome fun.

We hiked up some ridgelines with a sleepy baby, and I snapped too many pictures of flowers.

Like this one — tiger lily in the pines.

We played beach volleyball against other families at the campground. We won one and lost two. I was just happy that I remembered how to serve and hit back volleys. Or whatever you call it. I'd forgotten how nervewracking playing an official-ish game can be. The announcer was pretty hilarious, and very strict about the rules. Five second rule for serving!

There were kids all around. It was great. Uli was in awe of the big second cousins. He followed them everywhere, or was toted everywhere by one or another relative. He got loved up.

It was very pretty at Priest Lake. We hardly ever car camp, and we slept on a luxurious air mattress. And Uli slept for part of each night in a Pak and Play, which meant that Mama could stay up and read by headlamp. And during the day he was watched over by bigger kids and relatives for long stretches (luxurious minutes and half hours and more!) so even further reading might be done. To me, reading is one of the most decadent things I can do on a vacation. Of course, others on the trip had different ideas of fun.

Priest Lake, from a ridgeline.

Here's where I sat and read for a good part of the Fourth.

It was fun to be with Peter's family. There were 23 camping from the age of nearly a year to up into the 70s.

Poor Uli really looked like the wee pugilist, thanks to a bug bite that swelled up one of his eyes (that would be the right, as you can plainly see in this photo), other bug bites on his face, road rash on his forehead, a giant bump that happened after the road rash, a scratch under his nose, and a bit of a sunburn. Poor baby. And seriously, we try to watch him every moment. But when your 16-month-old figures out how to ride a kids' scooter by himself (Peter hovered over him as he did three push-offs on the scooter by himself — and yes, this is proud mama bragging going on a little bit, forgive me), you're going to have to deal with these types of injuries. He's an adventurer. I knew that when he was still in the womb. I don't think I wished it into being. I just knew.

And I can't wait to adventure with my family, each side of it, all ages, whenever we can, again, and soon!

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